Australia’s first reused water network for industry goes to Veolia

The first private scheme for recycled water to a network of multiple industrial users in Australia is to be provided for Sydney Water Corporation by Veolia Water, together with AquaNet Sydney Pty Ltd (part of the Jemena Ltd group).

The contract, which forms part of an initiative by the New South Wales Government, will reduce demand on drinking water supplies in western Sydney.

Worth an estimated cumulated turnover of € 122 million for Veolia Water, the 20-year build-own-operate contract for the the Rosehill and Camellia Recycled Water Plant, will produce 4.3 million m³/year of highly treated water for major industrial customers. The plant will be specifically designed to cope with any future higher demand and will be able to produce an extra 3 million m³/year of recycled water for other industrial requirements.

The first stage of construction is due to start in early 2009, when Veolia Water’s subsidiary, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies will be responsible for the construction of a water recycling installation with a capacity of 20,000m³/d. Veolia Water will be investing € 30 million to finance the project.

AquaNet will design, build, own and operate the network comprising two pump stations and three reservoirs connected by 20 km of pipeline. A portion of this pipeline network uses existing yet redundant gas pipe infrastructure.