Australia funds water study for coal-seam gas industry

The Australian government is spending up to Aus$ 3.88 million (US$ 3.61 million) on a water feasibility study for the Queensland coal-seam gas industry.

Coal-seam gas already provides a good market in the USA for membrane and other advanced wastewater treatment technologies, and it is to “significantly expand in Queensland in the coming years”, according to the minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency & Water, Penny Wong, announcing the funding on 13 April 2010.

“This study will assist the coal seam gas industry to better manage the risks to ground and surface water associated with its mining activities, and ensure that the industry can grow productively while also looking after the environment,” said Wong.

The study will be led by the Queensland Department of Environment & Resource Management. Funding will be provided from the Sustainable Rural Water Use & Infrastructure Program, a key component of the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative.

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