ASTM seeking help with standard for turbidity monitoring

Standards body ASTM International is looking for input on development of a standard for determination of turbidity, including setting up a monitoring system.

ASTM committee D19 on Water is developing WK4193 Test Method for Determination of Turbidity above 1 TU in the In-Situ Mode.

The committee vice chairman, Michael Sadar, says that the standard will provide “practical guidance into the setup, calibration and verification of a turbidity monitoring system before and after it has been placed in the field.”

“Many government entities, such as the US Geological Survey, have intensified their monitoring of turbidity,” says Sadar. “With the increased interest came more questions.

“For example, if two different technologies are used, why? This is often the case, and the intent of the proposed standard is to explain how technologies can be broken down to simplified parts and how each is impacted by turbidity samples and the interference in the samples.”

The proposed new standard is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D19.07 on Sediments, Geomorphology and Open-Channel Flow. Those interested in participating in the ongoing development of ASTM WK4193 and other turbidity-related standards are invited to join D19.07.