Ashdod desalination tender launched by Mekorot

Mekorot Development & Enterprises (MD&E), a subsidiary of the Israeli national water company, issued on 1 February 2009 a tender for the design, building, commissioning and supervision on a turnkey basis of the Ashdod seawater desalination plant.

It will have production capabilities of at least 16,000 m³/h (384,000 m³/d) and at least 100 million m³/year.

The successful bidder would, at the option of Mekorot, be able to join MD&E as a shareholder of up to 40% in the special project company and/or the operation and maintenance company, which will be established by MD&E for the project.

The project will include:

  • A seawater supply system
  • A feed pretreatment system
  • A desalination island (based on reverse osmosis)
  • A product water post-treatment system
  • Auxiliaries and infrastructure subsystems
  • A product-water operational reservoir
  • A brine discharge system
  • The plant will be located in the northern industrial zone of Ashdod, 2.7 km east of the sea shore. Tender documents are to be on sale from 4 February 2009 and the final date for tender submissions is 1 July 2009.

    The winning bidder will be announced on 1 September 2009 and the plant is expected to begin producing desalinated water in 2012.