Aquatech system reuses Indian auto-plant effluent

A contract to provide a membrane-based effluent recycling system for an automotive manufacturing facility located in North India’s National Capital Region (NCR) has been awarded to Aquatech.

The treatment system will maximize the recycling of effluent generated in the facility and generate high purity water, which will be reused in the process. The technology provided will consist of physical/chemical precipitation, advanced membrane filtration and reverse osmosis (RO).

Aquatech was selected for this project because of its experience in treating large volumes of difficult-to-treat effluents from power, petrochemical and chemical industries.

“This contract further strengthens Aquatech’s position in the effluent recycling segment,” said Sameer Bhatnagar, assistant general manager sales (Products & Services Division) of Aquatech. “We are strategically focused on providing recycling solutions that contribute in protecting the environment and also help our customers achieve greater economies in treating and reusing their effluent.”