Amiad outlines contract on Tuas Desalination Plant

Amiad has outlined details of the ultra-filtration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes it supplied to Tuas Desalination Plant, which opened officially in June 2018.

The facility produces 136,000 m3/d by way of 14,000 RO membranes, and is the first plant in Singapore to use advanced pre-treatment technology — a combination of dissolved air flotation, and UF.

Amiad supplied 224 filters for membrane protection: 22 units of 4″ by 10″ Super Galaxy (55 micron) filters for UF membrane protection, filtering 13,900 cubes an hour; and to protect the RO membranes, 34 units of 4″ by 10″ Super Galaxy (20 micron) filters, which handle 12,800 cubes an hour.

The water treatment and filtration solutions firm was appointed by contractor HSL Constructor and project designer Tedagua Singapore.