Amiad filters to pretreat Korean steelworks RO feed

Microfibre filters to pretreat a reverse-osmosis (RO) plant are being provided for one of South Korea’s largest steel factories by Amiad Water Systems.

This contract, worth US$ 2.85 million, follows the successful completion of the first two phases of the project, valued at approximately US$ 3 million, which were carried out between 2007 and 2011.

Under this new phase of work, expected to be implemented in 2012, Amiad will install Micro Fibre filters with mesh sizes of 7 and 2 micron. They will filter outlet water from the plant’s wastewater treatment facility before it passes to the RO plant.

Unlike traditional methods, Amiad’s solution is chemical free and has other environmental and economical benefits such as less energy and rinse-water use. The company sees RO pretreatment as a key growth area.