Amiad filters provide pretreatment in Brazilian UF reuse project

Disc filters are to be supplied by Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd to protect ultrafiltration membranes in the Aquapolo tertiary wastewater treatment and reuse project in São Paulo, Brazil.

The result of a BRL 253 million (US$ 158 million) investment, this project will supply recycled water from a local sewage treatment plant to companies based at the Capuava Petrochemical Complex in the ABC Paulista region. Investments and operations are being carried out by Aquapolo Ambiental, a special purpose company set up by Foz do Brasil (51%) and Sabesp, the São Paulo State sanitation company, (49%) through a 34-year contract that will extend until 2043.

The SpinKlin disc filters, part of Amiad‘s Arkal family of products, will form a key component in the pretreatment filtration process. The water will first be filtered by the SpinKlin Discs, which are designed to retain solids with a diameter larger than 400 microns, before being biologically treated and passing through the ultrafiltration membrane modules.