Amiad disc filters in Chennai desalination pretreatment

Arkal disc filtration technology made by Amiad Filtration Systems has been selected as part of the pretreatment system for the seawater desalination plant currently being built for the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewage Board on India’s east coast.

VA Tech Wabag is building the 100,000 m³/d reverse-osmosis (RO) plant, which is overseen by Mecon Ltd, a government-owned company.

The Amiad 100-micron SpinKlin disc filters, which the company acquired when it bought Arkal Filtration Systems in 2010, precede Norit X- Flow ultrafiltration and Hydranautics RO membranes. Sand filters provide initial pretreatment.

“We are confident that Arkal’s Disc Filters will provide us with the greatest combination of quality and reliability,” said Rajiv Mittal, managing director of VA Tech Wabag.