American Water gets WRRF reuse management investigation

WateReuse Research Foundation has awarded a US$ 377,578 research contract to American Water to develop best management practices to control potential health risks and other issues associated with storage and distribution of reclaimed water.

The project, announced on 27 January 2012, will utilize hazard analysis and critical control process as a basis to prioritize water quality parameters that impact aesthetic and water quality issues during storage and distribution of reclaimed water. Water quality information will be supplemented with extensive case studies, using the company’s geographically dispersed systems, to define best management practices.

“Complex interactions during storage and distribution can create health-related and aesthetic issues that have a tremendous impact on acceptance of reclaimed water by the end-user,” said Dr Mark LeChevallier, director of innovation and environmental stewardship. “This research will provide the reuse industry with tools to identify and optimize processes responsible for these issues, in turn, helping to promote public acceptance and support for various reuse applications including flushing, heating/cooling, irrigation, and industrial applications.”

The American Water project team will consist of LeChevallier as principal investigator, with Dr Zia Bukhari and Dr Patrick Jjemba, serving as co-principal investigators.