ABS turbocompressors selected for Jurong MBR plant

Aeration for the membrane bioreactor (MBR) and the biological treatment tanks at Jurong Water Reclamation Plant, Singapore’s largest MBR plant, is to be provided by ABS Turbocompressors HST.

The compressors will provide continuous air flow to keep membranes clean and to scour fine particles and deposits from the surface, as well as to provide oxygen for the biological treatment.

The Jurong Water Reclamation Plant is being built by Hyflux Ltd for PUB, Singapore’s water agency, and will have a treatment capacity of 68,000 m³/d. It treats wastewater from the industrialized Jurong catchment for use by industries located on Jurong Island.

Aeration energy is the largest consumer of energy in the MBR. As higher activated sludge concentration in the MBR is used in the aeration tank, higher oxygen volume is needed. ABS says that, with the high efficiency of its Turbocompressor HST, the energy cost-saving is significant.

The company says that the efficiency levels and power consumption of multistage blowers used in an aeration tank were compared against the its turbocompressor. The comparison showed that the ABS technology operated at 4% higher total efficiency than multistage blowers. This means potential savings of more than 250,000 kWh electricity per year, says ABS.