Revolutionizing The Recovery of a Brackish Water RO Plant

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Better Pretreatment for Seawater Desalination Plants

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New Remineralization Process for desalinated water providing stable, turbidity free pristine water quality

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The Latest Breakthroughs in Utilizing Waste Heat for Desalination and Water Treatment

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The latest technological breakthrough in driving efficient water supply for mining

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The Power of Creativity in Water Science and Technology

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Optimizing resources for mega-size desalination plants

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BOT Desalination Projects and their Financing in a Nutshell

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Best Practices for Cost Efficient Sea Water Desalination

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Choosing the best desalination technology for your project

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On demand webinar: RO Membrane Fouling Control Masterclass

If you have ever experienced, or if you experience in the future, a recurring, long-term, expensive, time-consuming, exasperating problem with an RO unit, it will likely be due to fouling by living and/or non-living particles.

On demand webinar: Renewable energy for desalination impact on carbon footprint and costs

Reducing energy consumption is one of the key issues in desalination today.  In a context of rising energy costs, how can these costs be reduced, and what is the role for renewables? This two-hour event will explore a range of desalination technologies using renewable energy, demonstrating their potential for cutting energy costs and the carbon footprint.

On demand webinar: Membrane Cleaning – Best practice and recent innovations

All RO membrane elements start to foul as soon as the plant is switched on and water flows
through them. Advice offered on membrane cleaning has not changed much in over 30 years and RO membrane cleaning is often viewed as an art form.

On demand webinar: Desalination -New Technologies in the Oil and Gas Industry

Part 2- On demand: Desalination - New Technologies in the Oil and Gas Industry

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