HGM-RO high-pressure pump from KSB

The HGM-RO high-pressure pump in ring-section design stands for maximum levels of efficiency - an innovative pump design for minimum life cycle costs.

When a pump has to give continuous operation at high pressures, reliability and life cycle costs are major economic factors. Building on their many years of experience in the power plant sector, our specialists have developed a high-pressure pump for use in reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants.

With its HGM-RO series of high-pressure pumps, KSB offers its customers an optimised and robust pump of the highest quality and reliability.

Our HGM-RO operates at outstanding levels of efficiency and, with its minimum energy consumption, dramatically reduces operating costs in your plant.

Compared with axially split pumps, this radial high-pressure pump is much easier to install and dismantle. It also has a compact, space-saving design. All these features combined contribute to a substantial reduction in life cycle costs.


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