Flowserve High-Pressure Membrane Feed Pumps

The Desalination-Flowserve Interface. High corrosion resistance

Flowserve High-Pressure Membrane Feed Pumps

High-Pressure Membrane Feed Pumps:

DMX ISO 13709/API 610 (BB3) Between Bearings, Single Case, Axially Split, Multistage Pump

The heart of the SWRO system is the high-pressure membrane feed pump. Flowserve offers high-efficiency membrane feed pumps, all utilizing the latest technology, including computational fluid dynamics, to provide maximum system performance. These critical pumps are manufactured in corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long performance life without degradation. Whether the design is horizontal split case (DMX) or ring section type (CSX or WDX), Flowserve has the pump for these types of service.
With its industry-leading products, unmatched materials expertise and SWRO-specific application knowledge, Flowserve is the single-source provider of complete, integrated flow control. Download the case study at www.flowserve.com/desal

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