Chemical Treatment – water supply

Chemical disinfection are used in water treatment to substantially reduce the number of microorganisms and thereby increase water quality.

Chemical Treatment – water supply

Grundfos can supply complete dosing pump systems for large or small volumes and based on different technologies for flocculation, disinfection, and pH adjustment. Moreover, the Grundfos range of electronic and electrochemical accessories offers complete control of your dosing and disinfection processes and can be seamlessly integrated into your system.

Moving water for treatment places many demands on a pumping solution, and Grundfos pumps systems range from huge submersibles, where the focus is on moving water rather than added pressure, to our highly successful vertical multistage centrifugal pump (CR) – and covering all performance requirements in between.

Because of the corrosive nature of many of the chemicals used, a dosing station must be designed according to the specific chemicals. Grundfos has the specialist knowledge to do this and can tailor a dosing station utilising chemicals as either concentrates, ready-to-use solutions or as dry chemicals, built according to your requirements, the relevant safety procedures, chemical storage, and your existing system.

Traditionally, chlorine compounds are the most widely used method for chemical disinfection. Grundfos can advise and supply disinfection solutions using chlorine compounds such as chlorine gas (Cl2), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), and chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

Water quality improvement with an efficient, economical system for dry-material preparation is increasingly used for water treatment. Grundfos can supply PLC-controlled, fully automatic systems to handle preparation and the reliable dosing of organic coagulants or poly-electrolytes.

Grundfos can supply the specialist expertise to help meet your performance objectives, from the initial identification of needs, to the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the pumping solution. Grundfos commissioning agreements ensure correct installation and service agreements cover all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts and pump audits.

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