Aftermarket Service and Support by Energy Recovery

When we formed Energy Recovery

Aftermarket Service and Support by Energy Recovery

As a result, one of the
biggest ways we’ve differentiated our company is by creating a robust customer
care program. We provide expert support and consultation throughout the
entire customer life cycle. Our service team has incredible industry experience,
and we’re willing to go the extra mile for the customer.

We continue to build
our business on not only our dominance in the technological arena, but also
through our customer service expertise. We have a saying at our company
that sales sell the first one and service sells the rest. That mantra has
enabled us to create a customer service approach that rivals anything we’ve
seen from our peers.

Our customer relationships
are founded on care, openness, and trust. We learn detailed information about our
customers projects and needs upfront. We conduct in-depth technical
evaluations of each customer’s operations, where we meet the team in person and
walk through the plant to see exactly how it’s built. We take all this insight
back to our offices, where we formulate a recommended plan that considers all
facets of a customer’s needs. We give them online tools and apps to walk
them through possible scenarios.

We then visit customers
headquarters to present a technical seminar on our energy recovery devices
(ERDs) and installations, and take them through the approach we feel best suits
their requirements. We guarantee all our equipment’s performance, and were
among the first company in our space to do so.

After this initial visit
to the customer’s headquarters, we continue our involvement in every
aspect of the project: project construction, where we oversee installation and
provide training; commissioning, where we ensure smooth plant operation with
our equipment; and follow-up, where we remain available for technical questions
and embrace our responsibility to the customer’s operations.

Our approach for
Aftermarket Service & Support is nothing short of comprehensive. We haven’t
heard of any other company in our space that provides the level of technical
and commercial support that we do. When our customers send us testimonials,
they nearly always underscore the service they receive from us.

We also continue to build
upon the strength and versatility of our technology. Together, our technology
and customer service create a one-two punch for our competitive
differentiation. These are two of the biggest pillars that have always grounded
our business, and they will set us up for a strong future.

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