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Kuriverter IK-110A new concept of biofilm control agent for a successful RO plant operation
MEMBRANE SPARE PARTSToray recommends you to replace spare parts such as rubber fixing gaskets periodically in order to provide you excellent permeate water at all time. Below shown are the most common spare parts available from Toray. Please contact us for the details of the specifications and a number of the spare p
MEMBRAY® Toray MBR MembraneToray's Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration.
TORAYFIL® Toray UF MembraneToray's PVDF hollow fiber membrane module effectively removes suspended solids and microorganisms such as pathogens, when used for various types of water treatment. This innovative membrane module was developed with polymer science and the membrane fabrication technologies accumulated in Toray Indus
ROMEMBRA® Toray RO MembraneTORAY first began producing Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration spiral wound membrane elements in 1967, starting with cellulose acetate membrane elements.
OmyaquaA micronized Calcium Carbonate product, tailored for use in drinking water treatment
Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps ACP SeriesFor over 100 years, ANDRITZ has been a byword for competence and innovation in designing centrifugal pumps. Our end-suction centrifugal pumps are operating in various industrial applications successfully all over the world. They offer robustness and wear resistance, and fulfill high customer expecta
Double-Flow Axial Split Case PumpANDRITZ split case pumps can be used in various fields of applications such as power stations, pulp and paper mills, water and desalination plants. Their construction and design do not only ensure an easy and fast maintenance, but also excellent NPSH values and energy savings

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