Membrane Cleaning – Genesol Range

All membranes require cleaning at some time in their operational life

Membrane Cleaning – Genesol Range

The objective of all membrane cleaning procedures should always be to fully remove all possible foulant leaving the surface free from deposits …….Clean Membranes take longer to Re-foul!

By fully removing the foulant or deposit it is possible to reduce the required cleaning frequency of the system therefore correct chemical selection and application can have a dramatic effect on operational costs and membrane life.

Foulant identification is key and a membrane autopsy will help to scientificaly identify the issue and select the correct chemical to remove it.

Choosing when to clean is vital, selecting the correct chemical, pH, temperature and contact time will all help to achieve maximum foulant removal.

At Genesys we have performed over 1,000 membrane autopsies and understand the complex nature of membrane foulants and how they interact at the surface. The Genesol range of membrane cleaners incorporate multiple strategies to remove the different components of any fouling layer which may include biofilm, aluminosilicates, iron and organics on the initial stages and different scale deposits on the final membranes.

For more information on the removal of specific scales & foulants such as silica, calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, iron, organics and biofilm go to


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