Compact Modular Water Disinfection System

GES offers innovative

Compact Modular Water Disinfection System

Municipal drinking water disinfection

Industrial process water purification

Swimming pool water chlorination

Modular system capable of treating 10 – 1,000 m³/h of water

Very stable electrical and chemical process

No chemicals are added in the process

No need for hazardous material usage/storage license

Eliminates chemicals transportation and storage

Minimal footprint

Easy maintenance – no special tools and skills required

Robust and flexible design ensuring continous operation

In order to provide fully sustainable solutions for water sources containing low level of chloride ions, GES offers a modification for the aforementioned water purification system. An additional unit will inject the calculated dose of 1-2% salt brine into the side-stream to assure a highly effective electro chlorination process.
Modification features 
No dependence on chloride ion levels in the raw water

Table salt is the only consumable

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