BASF Water Chemicals


BASF offers an established range of customer-centric solutions and products for the water industry. The portfolio of the globally acting business unit Water Chemicals is used in the key processes of industrial and municipal water treatment. We are a leading supplier of chemicals to protect desalination plants, cooling towers and boilers from scaling or to purify the raw water used for the production of drinking water, to treat waste water stream and industrial process water. We are fully committed to the high important topic WATER.

Discover more about our latest product developments for the water industry market:

Sokalan® AF-X: New water soluble and readily biodegradable antifoam for thermal desalination processes providing excellent foam control properties at low dosage rates.

Sokalan® RO 3500: New multifunctional antiscalant for RO-Membrane treatment with proven performance on various scales, different feed water compositions and desalination plant operating conditions.

Zetag® ULTRA: Latest product line of cationic ultra-high molecular weight powder flocculants for superior sludge dewatering performance at lower dosage rates.



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