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Zetag® Flocculant Technology
For many years cationic polyacrylamide flocculants have been used in the sludge dewatering process. Optimizing the dewatered biosolids is essential to maintain the sustainability and efficiency of the process. Higher cake solids reduce the energy required for transporting and disposing at a landfill. Furthermore, if the cake is dry enough it can be incinerated as fuel to generate energy. Our customers are seeking the best performance in order to optimize their dewatering process. The comprehensive range of BASF’s Zetag flocculants ensures that the solid-liquid separation process is tailored, cost-effective and efficient

Zetag® ULTRA is our new product line of cationic ultra-high molecular weight powder flocculants for sludge dewatering in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. The molecular structure of Zetag® ULTRA has been especially designed to resist the high shear forces of centrifuges. By using Zetag® ULTRA our customers can easily increase the cake solid up to 15% or lower the dose by up to 20%. Due to its effective bridging capabilities, Zetag® ULTRA shows advanced dewatering performance. The achieved higher cake solids are environmentally beneficial as less energy is required for transportation, disposal and incineration, which has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of the water treatment facility.



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