BASF Industrial Water Treatment

BASF is dedicated to ensuring that all plants and processes that utilize water are able to operate at peak efficiency.

Our customers are looking for proven solutions to effectively fight the problems of scale, deposit of solids, corrosion, bio-fouling, foam formation and impurities in water. We provide the most advanced chemical solutions and services to formulators and service companies making us the preferred partner for various industries involved in water treatment that range from water production through water use to water purification.

With our cutting edge expertise in water treatment chemicals BASF provides a valuable contribution to your business. On top of the wide product range we share expert advice on how to formulate your products, we assist in registration affairs and legal advice – and offer many more benefits. Worldwide.

Together with our customers in-depth formulation knowledge, our products deliver cost savings through:

  • Immediate reduction in maintenance
  • Highly maximized facility running times
  • Major energy savings

..and thus more efficient operations.


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