Avista Technologies – Reverse Osmosis Products and Services

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Avista Technologies – Reverse Osmosis Products and Services

Avista takes a customized approach to optimizing your RO system, using a combination of high performance products, lab services and analytical tools.

Vitec antiscalants and dispersants are multicomponent formulations that allow higher RO system recovery and reduce cleaning frequency. Our Vitec antiscalants inhibit scale while also dispersing colloidal particles. The inhibition and dispersant properties of Vitec products help extend system run times, reduce cleaning frequency and increase the productive life of RO elements. Vitec 8100, 8200 and 8300 antiscalants are part of our Green Chemicals line, which is specially formulated for sites with discharge restrictions.

AvistaClean® and RoClean  |  CLEANERS
Our AvistaClean and RoClean formulations are proprietary, membrane compatible cleaners that provide efficient and cost-effective removal of all common foulants. Our AvistaClean and RoClean products come in a variety of pH ranges, as liquids or powders and with drinking water certifications, where applicable. They’re powerful against organic and inorganic foulants and compatible with cellulose acetate and polyamide membranes. Several cleaners are classified as Green Chemicals to help Avista customers meet strict limits on environmental discharge. The cleaners in our Green Chemicals line are the highest performing green cleaners in the industry.

AntiChlor formulations remove free and combined chlorine from RO system feedwaters to protect membranes from oxidation damage. Membranes can last for days or years, depending on the care they receive. Chlorine in feedwater can permanently damage membranes, requiring them to be replaced. AntiChlor liquid is an extremely economical option for chlorine removal compared to other methods. It’s offered in two formulations, and both are certified for use in systems producing potable water. To make membrane care even simpler, our Avista Advisor software calculates the proper dosage of AntiChlor for your site.
RoCide®  |  BIOCIDES
RoCide liquid is a non-oxidizing, membrane compatible biocide to reduce biological fouling in  non-potable membrane systems. RoCide biocides are broad spectrum formulations to combat contaminants  such as bacteria, fungi and algae. RoCide liquid is compatible with polyamide and cellulose acetate membranes and can be used with various Avista cleaners. Our biocides may be applied intermittently, via continuous injection or as a periodic addition to your clean-in- place (CIP) system.
SafeGuard chemicals are designed to minimize bacterial growth during membrane storage or plant shutdown and are safer than other commonly used chemicals. SafeGuard liquid protects elements installed in pressure vessels or removed for storage. It’s compatible with pressure vessels, piping and all related materials of construction commonly used in RO systems. SafeGuard lets you avoid the problems commonly associated with sodium bisulfite and metabisulfite solutions. Its neutral pH means no hassles with low pH preservatives.
Phoenix membrane sizing agents improve salt rejection and extend the useful life of partially oxidized or damaged RO polyamide membranes. Phoenix membrane sizing agent puts damaged membranes back to work by forming a coating on the membrane surface. This coating restores performance and boosts salt rejection properties. Applying Phoenix powder takes 30-60 minutes. Because Phoenix is applied on-line, there’s no interruption in plant productivity.
Phoenix 300 
Phoenix 3000

Analytical Tools
Avista customers receive access to the analytical tools to help ensure consistent and reliable system performance. The proprietary Avista Advisor software takes the guesswork out of chemical dosing for RO plant designers and operators. For ongoing monitoring, plant operators can input and review data remotely using NormRo, Avista’s online normalization software.

On-Site Application Services
Avista application experts are ready to provide your facility with everything you need to keep your system running smoothly, including system pilots, audits, and chemical recommendations. They also provide on-site supervision during membrane cleaning, chemical start-up, and system-specific training.

Off-site Application and Lab Services
Off-site Cleaning and Restoration (OSCAR) is available when cleaning on site is not practical or possible. Membranes are pre-tested, cleaned and post-tested with the goal of restoring performance to original factory specifications. Avista offers a complete range of laboratory support services to enhance membrane performance, increase efficiency and develop new formulations for unique applications.

Technical Support
Our experienced in-house technical support team is available to provide remote troubleshooting assistance and chemical dosing recommendations.

Online Resources
The online resource center includes practical tools for troubleshooting everyday challenges and chemical application best practices.

To learn more about our services, visit https://www.avistatech.com/reverse-osmosis

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