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  • China to sell off-the-shelf floating nuclear desalination units
  • Morocco's first solar-powered desalination starts up
  • South Africa's Cape ponders desalination as water crisis grips
  • Western Cape looks to desal, as Eksom issues RFP
  • China ups daily desalt capacity by a billion cubic metres
  • South Africa nuclear plant to install desal unit amid worsening water crisis
  • Areva set to hand over desalination plant to Namibia
  • Cape Town ponders giant desalination project as resources dwindle
  • Namibian government poised to table offer for Areva desalination plant
  • Jordan and Saudi join forces for atomic-fuelled desalination
  • Regulator blocks New York desalination proposal
  • MECO wins US Navy desalination contracts
  • SolRio proposes solar desal for old nuclear power site
  • Iran poised to finance nuclear plants with co-located desalination
  • H2O Innovation commissions pathfinding Indian membrane plant
  • Agnihotri elected to board of ThermoEnergy Corp
  • Is nuclear desalination better value than RO?
  • Nuclear filter developed for portable water treatment
  • Water scarcity can make nuclear option attractive to some countries
  • CDA/EDS seeking Qingdao desalination abstracts by 15 March
  • Bahrain MoU signed for wind-powered desalination technology
  • French loan for two desalination evaporators in Kazakhstan
  • HTI deal takes forward osmosis to China
  • Who will buy GE Water & Process Technologies?
  • IDA-GWI conference to be held in Paris in 2010
  • Innovations in IDA Congress technical program
  • Chennai venue for InDACON 2010 desalination conference
  • US export finance boost for water and energy projects
  • Nuclear energy to supply Jordan desalination plants
  • Russians to cooperate on Jordan desalination
  • Ethanol production water warning from US researchers
  • San Luis county pledges US$ 900,000 for plans tap into nuclear plant desalination
  • Studies start for Jordan's first desalination plant

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