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  • São Paulo is venue for 2017 IDA Congress
  • IDA picks São Paulo as 2017 World Congress venue
  • "We're now at more than $100 million revenue." Doug Brown, AquaVenture chairman and CEO
  • Kuwait Fund confirms loan for Port Said desalination project
  • Kuwait to award eight power and water PPPs
  • IDA extends deadline for Fellowship applications
  • Malaysia's Malakoff eyes desalination in global advance
  • IDA extends award fellowship application deadline
  • GE and Saudi Aramco launch $200k technology competition
  • Gulf red-tide early-warning system funding 'soon'
  • Kuwait steps closer to awarding PPP for Az-Zour North part two
  • Sinai development continues with plans for new desalination capacity
  • Iran signs first desal deal after sanctions were lifted
  • WRI publishes country chart of water-stress exposure
  • Desalination capacity increasing by 50% in 2013 says IDA
  • Saudi solar desalination push nears end of Phase 1
  • Kuwait signs desalination / reuse research agreement
  • Xylem provides DAF pretreatment for Fujairah 1
  • IDA energy task force meeting in Abu Dhabi
  • Major water-sector contractor formed in Dubai
  • DAF/UF pretreatment stems Kuwait red tide
  • Egypt plans five desalination plants by 2019
  • EDS urges knowledge sharing at Rome conference
  • Water Planet joins forces with Applied Membranes
  • Gulf nations poised for 40% boost to desalination output by 2020
  • Kuwait Fund boosts loan for desal project at Eastern Port Said, Egypt
  • IDA 2015 World Congress draws 1,700 delegates
  • Financial meetings held over Gaza desalination project
  • Israel to join top ten water stressed by 2040
  • Water scarcity can make nuclear option attractive to some countries
  • IDA announces nine new Gulf task force members
  • IDA to form Gulf desalination environmental task force
  • Doosan awarded latest Jeddah contract
  • How we delivered Az Zour North phase one
  • Toray wins Gulf quartet

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