NanoH2O adds two more RO membranes

Two additions to the QuantumFlux™ line of reverse-osmosis membranes were launched by NanoH2O of California, USA, on 23 April 2012.

NanoH2O's Qfx SW 400 R and SR membranes

NanoH2O's Qfx SW 400 R and SR membranes

The Qfx SW 400 R and Qfx SW 400 SR both feature 99.85% stabilized salt rejection and NSF Standard 61 Certification, enabling operators to meet stringent water quality standards, even under the most challenging water conditions.

In pilot tests, says the company, the new QuantumFlux high-rejection membrane elements produced exceptional permeate quality, surpassing competitive membranes with the same flux. When used in combination with NanoH2O's highest flux Qfx SW 400 ES membrane, the new Qfx SW 400 SR and Qfx SW 400 R high-rejection membranes allow users to run at higher system flux without increasing feed pressure or fouling potential, while still delivering excellent permeate quality.

"We have been pilot testing a combination of the Qfx high rejection R and SR elements, in 365 ft² configurations, within a single pressure vessel for almost 180 days," said Raúl Lemes de León, technical director for the EMALSA desalination facility in the Canary Islands. "To date, the performance of the Qfx membranes has been highly stable and producing almost 50% more water with lower total dissolved solids (TDS), at the same operating pressure, than other membranes currently installed in the skid. The membranes are delivering at their specified performance."

"We entered the seawater desalination market by introducing the most energy-efficient membrane ever produced. We have now further leveraged our nanocomposite membrane technology to push the boundaries of salt rejection - providing customers with better water quality while maintaining or improving energy consumption," said Jeff Green, CEO of NanoH2O Inc.

"This improvement in salt rejection over existing membranes typically provides a 25% improvement in permeate quality versus competing membranes under the same operating conditions," Green added. These new membranes, combined with our energy-efficient Qfx ES membrane, provide customers with a suite of products that can optimize any SWRO system for low energy consumption, maximum water production, minimum footprint or the best permeate quality."


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