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Horizontal sand filters

Horizontal sand or multi media pressure filters with nozzle plate with nozzles or lateral filtering system


Toray to supply RO and UF membranes to Brazil’s largest SWRO plant acquired Woongjin Chemicals (CSM)

Toray’s ROMEMBRA™ RO and TORAYFIL™ UF membrane technologies have been selected for a new seawater desalination facility in Brazil, which is set to become the largest in the country. ArcelorMittal (, currently the largest producer of steel in the world, contracted Fluence Corporation ( for the design, engineering, and construction contract through an international tender process. Expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2020, the plant will have an initial capacity to treat 12,000 m3/day, expandable to 24,000 and 36,000 m3/day, and with an estimated value of US$10 million dollars. Industries Japan acquired 100 % of the shares from Woongjin Chemicals (CSM) and consolidated the company into Toray group. Toray Membrane Europe is the sales organization for all Toray membrane products in water treatment and process applications.


NanoH2O releases new projection software version

Reverse osmosis membrane manufacturer NanoH2O has released version 2.2 of its Q+ projection software with a "more intuitive" graphic interface, the company claimed.


Genesys MM4 Membrane Master Software

Membrane Master 4 is the world's foremost scaling prediction software and the result of many years of research and membrane experience. Enter feed water analysis and operating conditions and the software will calculate the scaling potential of any RO feed water, select the correct antiscalant and optimum dose rate.


Omya Webinar

New Remineralization Process for desalinated water providing stable, turbidity free pristine water quality


Reverse Osmosis (RO) Flat Sheet

QuantumFlux TFN membranes have demonstrated a 50-100% increase in permeability when compared to the current installed base of RO membranes, while matching best-in-class salt rejection.


Lewabrane® - RO membrane elements

The Lewabrane® product line includes elements for all the main RO applications, including desalinating seawater, brackish water, and low-salinity water. Leading fields of application include the production of drinking water, but also the treatment of process water and wastewater. LANXESS manufactures its RO membrane elements in a modern production plant in Bitterfeld, Germany. All Lewabrane® products are compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 61.


iSave - isobaric energy recovery device

Danfoss has introduced the first isobaric ERD that is fully integrated with its own positive displacement booster pump and electric motor. The result is fail-safe flow control - without the use of separate high-pressure flow meters.


IDE Webinar: Utilizing Waste Heat for Desalination and Water Treatment

The Latest Breakthroughs in Utilizing Waste Heat for Desalination and Water Treatment


Qualifloc AF series - ACRYLAMIDE FREE coagulants / flocculants

Special ACRYLAMIDE FREE cationic/ anionic polymers with high molecular weight specifically designed to promote quick solid/ liquid phases separation in waste water treatment plants and process water.Strong coagulating agents for waste water treatment used in settling/ flotation units.