The New A.R.I. High Pressure Air Valve for Desalination

A.R.I. has developed a high pressure air & vacuum (kinetic) valve applicable for use in seawater applications associated with the desalination industry.

The New A.R.I. High Pressure Air Valve for Desalination

The K-100 air valve has a pressure rating of 100 bar and joins a wide range of A.R.I. air valves adapted specifically for the desalination transmission lines. 

The body and internal parts of the K-100 air valve are made from corrosion-resistant materials. The unique valve seat, combining a non-corrosive metal seat and rubber seal, assures long-term maintenance-free operation.

The K-100 air & vacuum (kinetic) is designed to operate with high pressure pumps and membranes for reverse osmosis installations. Its main functions are:
1. To release air while filling the membrane system with seawater
2. To protect the membranes from collapsing when the pressure drops below atmospheric pressure and to prevent negative pressure and surge in the system at pump shut down

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