Sterlitech: Flat Sheet Membranes

Sterlitech features a full offering of flat sheet polymeric membranes in a wide range of FO

Sterlitech: Flat Sheet Membranes

A full offering of Dow FilmTec, SUEZ ( GE Osmonics) , Microdyn Nadir, Toray, TriSep, Synder, Novamem, Evonik and Aquaporin flat sheet membranes in a wide range of FO, RO, NF, and UF, for use in bench-scale filtration systems is offered.These include Sterlitech’s test cells:


  • HP4750 Stirred Cell: 47 mm (1.85″) disks
  • CF016: 58 x 75mm (2.26 x 2.95″) coupons
  • CF042: 56 x 115 mm (2.20 x 4.53″) coupons
  • Sepa CF: 140 x 190 mm (5.51 x 7.48″) coupons

Note: Our flat sheet polymeric membranes are also available in custom sizes and spiral wound configuration upon request. Please contact Sterlitech for more information.

You can order a steel rule die to cut flat sheet membranes to sizes for Sterlitech test cells including CF016, CF042, and Sepa CF.

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