Horizontal sand filters

Horizontal sand or multi media pressure filters with nozzle plate with nozzles or lateral filtering system

Horizontal sand filters

Technol is a designer and manufacturer of FRP dual media horizontal pressure filters for desalination plants. The filters can be supplied with a lateral system or with a plate with nozzles, which allows backwashing with air and water. Technol horizontal filters are used as a pre-treatment in desalination plants of all sizes. They are always produced according project specifications. Technol is in water treatment business since 1990.

FRP is an ideal for sea water environments as it is 100% corrosion resistant, which allows a very long working life with small maintenance costs.

Technol can produce filters of different sizes, 2.400mm, 3.000mm, or 3.500mm diameter. On special request also 4.000mm diameter. The company is ideally located 5km from the international port and 200mm from the sea, where smaller cargo ships can dock and load the goods.


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