Cartridge filters

Technol designs and manufactures GRP vertical and horizontal cartridge filters for water treatment. Advantages: FRP as a material provides superior chemical resistance to wide range of fluids and it is ideal for aggressive saline environments. FRP housing offers low maintenance cost and fast repairs in case of damages. Custom designs are available. No metal parts in the vessels.

Cartridge filters


  • Design according EN13121/ASME X/BS4994/AD Merkblatt
  • Versatility in design for different pressures.
  • All Technol products come with vinylester liner for enhanced chemical resistance
  • Fixed flange connections
  • Opening portal with davit
  • On GRP support legs
  • Body and plate out of GRP
  • Bolts: stainless steel
  • Working pressure 6 bar or higher by request


  • Fast cartridge replacement
  • Compact housing
  • 40 or 60-inch cartridge installation.



  • High flow cartridges; inside to outside flow direction elements
  • Standard micron rating: 5ยต
  • Recommended flow rates 36 m3/h
  • differential pressure 2 bar.
  • Outer diameter 6 Inches
  • Length: 40 or 60 inches
  • Filter media: plated polypropylene
  • Outer support: polypropylene
  • Gaskets: EPDM


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