Automated membrane characterization for MF, UF, NF & RO

The OSMO Inspector for fully automated MF

The OSMO Inspector is suited for both hollow fiber and flat cell experimentation. It can do dead-end and cross-flow filtration. Experiments are fully automated including filtration, backwash and chemical cleaning. The OSMO Inspector comes in different flow sizes and pressure ranges and thus covers from 30 liters an hour up to 100 milliliters an hour. Pressure ranges from 0 to 130 bars, depending on the model.
The experiments can be short and high frequency (50 hz max.), or be done over several days or even weeks. The installation can automatically produce PDF from the experiments and allows ‘simple’ experimentation such as constant flux or pressure filtration. At the same moment it allows advanced features such as setting flows as a function of time or other measured parameters. Equipped with Coriolis based flow controllers, highly sensitive pressure sensors and automatic valves, the OSMO Inspector is built using only industrial leading components.
For more technical information about the Inspector or the software visit the website or contact us.


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