Singapore International Water Week - event preview

South East Asia regional review

Download this regional refiew to see our water scarcity map of the region and for the latest news on projects technologies and events in the region, including Singapore International Water Week.

Proton compares closedcircuit versus conventional RO

Tech Quarterly - June 2018

Water. desalination + reuse media information pack

Pumping systems for desalination plants

Discover new concepts to reduce energy use. Up to 75 per cent of a desalination plant’s operating cost is the energy used in pumping water to high pressure. Our latest technology guide ‘Pumping systems for desalination plants’ takes a closer look at this area and why selecting the correct pumping system for your plant will help to ensure maximum operation and energy efficiency.     

High energy: how pumps can cut costs in desalination

Tech Quarterly - March 2018

Whitepaper Study – Better Pretreatment for Seawater Desalination Plants

The primary objective of pretreatment to any RO membrane system is to make the feed water compatible with the membrane system. With filtration rates of 3 to 4 times those of MMF systems, the Cross-Flow Microsand filtration technology was put to the test. With an SDI of less than or equal to 2.4, the study demonstrated the effectiveness of the Vortisand® Cross-Flow technology.

Editorial calendar sales asset

Understand our 2018 plans, and the opportunities to align your marketing and sales campaigns with them, by downloading the Water. desalination + reuse editorial planner 2018. This essential planning tool includes information on:

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