Xylem unveils new treatment system for potable reuse

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Xylem unveils new treatment system for potable reuse

Xylem’s Leopold Oxelia is a multi-barrier system that deploys ozone oxidation to break down organic carbon into material that can be digested by naturally occurring microbes that are attached to a fixed-bed filter. The aerobic biological treatment of the partially oxidized organic carbon leads to “complete destruction of total organic carbon, trace contaminants, and oxidation by-products” to produce “safe and reliable biologically-stable, treated water with no taste or odour issues,” according to Xylem.

Oxelia incudes a centralized control system which “optimizes the biofilter operation
based on ozone dosage and effluent water quality, optimizing the backwash sequencing
and biological activity in real time” said the manufacturer.

Xylem showcased Oxelia at the American Water Works Association annual conference
and exposition, ACE 15, held at tAnaheim, California, 7-10 June.


“Water reuse is a proven approach that can help meet growing water demands,
producing high-quality water at a lower life-cycle cost than developing a new water
supply.  Water reuse delivers a resilient, drought-resistant water source with valuable
economic and environmental benefits,” the company said in a release.


Xylem was recognized recently by the WateReuse Research Foundation for its
commitment to water reuse research and developing innovative water reuse solutions. 

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