WaterCube desalination unit to get bigger brother

A new compact reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination unit based on the Danfoss WaterCube2 technology will be launched shortly and is claimed to produce twice as much water more cheaply.

The unit, from AqSep A/S, the new Danfoss spinoff company, is named WM9600E and produces
up to 9,600 L/d. It boasts an integrated controller, an energy-recovery system, steel components
in duplex steel, fully automatic operation and handles any salt content.

Danish pumpmaker Danfoss launched the WaterCube2 in 2009 as an innovative, compact, high quality,
small domestic seawater RO desalination unit that was able to produce up to 4,800 L/d, using
only around 0.8-0.9 kW/h at full capacity or around 3.5-4.5 kWh/m³, substantially below other
similar sized seawater RO units in the market.

The WM9600E has a Danfoss APP high pressure pump integrated with the energy-recovery system,
forming the new Danfoss-made APPM2 module. The unit is initially using 3 inch seawater
membranes from Dow-Filmtec.

The unit is intended for very large private homes or small hotels/resorts,
possibly even for smaller hospitals or health clinics and for community water supply in remote
islands. It is very compact with a footprint of less than half a square metre.

The new machine has a more prosaic design than the elegant WaterCube2 and is also
good deal cheaper, a factor that AqSep believes will make the WM9600E very competitive.


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