Waste Quality Protocols (WP)

The Environment Agency and partners WRAP

In the development of the protocols RPS has been appointed the following sub – projects:
Technical Expert
RPS was appointed technical expert to produce the technical reports to support the development of the quality protocols for incineration bottom ash and boiler ash from paper sludge combustion. The technical experts for these two protocols attended Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings to provide advice and lead technical discussions.
Quality Protocol Toolkit
RPS developed a ‘Toolkit’ and associated electronic template documents to provide an established framework for Protocol development in the future, as well as providing clear, step-by-step advice on the waste selection process and how to establish if a waste has been fully recovered.
Topsoil Survey
RPS completed a market survey to provide up-to-date information on the end uses of topsoil; price ranges for different products and the size of potential end markets. The findings of the survey were used to inform a topsoil Financial Impact Assessment (FIA) 
Risk Assessments (PFA / IBA)
RPS produced quantitative risk assessments into the use of Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA)  and Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) to quantify the risks to human health and the environment, including groundwater and surface water risk assessment. 
Ad-Hoc Technical Support
RPS was appointed to provide Ad-Hoc Technical Support which included providing advice on technical issues, or undertaking practical activities such as reviewing and commenting on risk assessments, technical reports or quality protocols to ensure that the documents are sufficiently comprehensive.
RPS was appointed to provide interim support whilst a grade 6 technical advisor was recruited to the project. 

For further information please contact: Claudia Amos, Technical Director
Tel: 01454 284450, Email: amosc@rpsgroup.com

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