UXO / ERW Satellite Image Assessment and GIS Systems – Libya (EES)

RPS has been involved with oil exploration projects in Libya since 2003 and has been at the forefront of developing bespoke Explosive Remnant of War (ERW) / UXO risk mitigation strategies and safety procedures in these complex environments. The legacy of war in this region can be considerable and poses UXO risks of mines and munitions to ground survey

UXO / ERW Satellite Image Assessment and GIS Systems – Libya (EES)

RPS has developed the use of Satellite Image Assessment (SIA) as a method to remote survey large concession areas for signs of Military activity and potential ERW sources. This SIA analysis has been linked within a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) framework which further includes surface acquired data, contextual historical data and mapping layers. This provided a comprehensive ERW GIS system for our clients needs. As a result Risk Zoning has been developed along with a ‘point and click’ retrieval system providing a useful tool to identify areas of risk and to manage ground operations safely. Furthermore, accurate records on clearance operations can be undertaken and the databases allow for statistical analysis.

Whilst this system is constantly evolving, RPS has recognised the importance of a SIA GIS approach and has created a dedicated team of GIS experts and Archaeological / Military Analysts. Ultimately, large projects need approaches that are capable of being managed effectively with data and ground operations monitored so that safety and operational goals are achieved. RPS considers our approach greatly assists in these goals whilst providing a further mechanism to forecast more accurate operational costings.


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