US govt funded 323 million m³ of water reuse in 2011

The US government has provided about US$ 231 million in federal funding for water reclamation and reuse projects since 2009, according to the latest report on the WaterSmart Program by the Department of the Interior.

Eight projects have finished construction since that time, and eight others are expected to be completed in 2013, says the department.

Project sponsors delivered about 262,000 acre-feet (323 million m³) of recycled water in 2011, providing a drought-resistant supply and new flexibility for water managers.

Combining new initiatives with existing programs as part of a comprehensive strategy for sustainable management of water supplies in the US, WaterSmart projects, along with other conservation activities, are expected to save an estimated 587,839 acre-feet (725 million m³) of water a year – enough water for more than 2.3 million people. The department’s high priority goal is to save 730,000 acre-feet (900 million m³) per year by the end of 2013.