UPW system Siemens power plant


UPW system Siemens power plant

Project Description:

Lenntech has engineered, manufactured and assembled the total scope of an ultra pure water system in the Republic of Venezuela. The demineralised water is being used as make up water for the boiler feed system. The water desalination system is equipped with top brand instrumentation and equipment. The system is completely from European origin and will be delivered with a certificate of origin.

Scope of Work:

  • Engineering, manufacturing and assembly
  • 2x 180 m3/h CO2 degassing towers
  • 3x 120 m3/h self cleaning filters
  • 3x 120 m3/h cartridge filters
  • 3x 120 m3/h Ultrafiltration
  • 3x 90 m3/h reverse osmosis pass 1
  • 3x 70 m3/h reverse osmosis pass 2
  • 3x 70 m3/h mixed bed Ion Exchange
  • Chemical dosing stations
  • Lamellar settler for wastewater treatment
  • Decanter for sludge treatment
  • Fully automated flush
  • CIP stations
  • All stainless steel (interconnecting) piping and cabling
  • Fully SCADA controlled
  • Site commissioning and installation supervision
  • According to Kraftwerk Kennzeichensystem (KKS)

Project duration:

February 2010 to July 2013

Project location:

Republic of Venezuela

Product quality:

TDS < 0,1 uS/cm

Project application:

Boiler Feed Water

Typical contract amount:

3.000.000 – 5.500.000 EUR

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