Towards a Marine Renewable Energy Strategy for Wales (MECO)

The Marine Ecology team at RPS operates on many environmentally sensitive projects throughout the Europe and worldwide. The team have built strong client relationships and been effective in identifying and resolving issues and constraints associated with many complex development projects and industrial activities. Our marine ecological capabilities cover a wide spectrum of skills

RPS were commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government to undertake work in order to develop a strategy framework for the governance of marine renewable energy developments within Welsh Seas.  This framework is critical in the delivery of renewable energy targets, identified within the Welsh Assembly’s energy strategy, in a sustainable manner, ensuring that the maximum benefit is realised whilst respecting environmental limits and meeting the social and economic needs of the population.


The work comprises three main stages


Stage 1:


Desk-based exercise collating existing data and information including that on impacts.  This stage will also involve wide consultation with regulators, developers and marine stakeholders to elicit all available information to fully inform the current work.  There is also a substantial GIS element to this stage, providing the basis upon which areas of potential exploitable resource can beidentified and put into the necessary context of existing constraint across all sectors and environmental sensitivities.


Stage 2:


Data collection exercise filling key gaps identified during stage 1.  The work involves the identification of the specific studies that may be required and subsequent management and administration of the research required.  This is necessary to ensure delivery of information in appropriate formats, at appropriate scales whilst remaining focused on delivering the critical information needed to support the development of a robust and defensible strategic framework for the management of renewable energy developments in Welsh seas.


Stage 3:


Development of the strategy framework based on the findings of stages 1 and 2.  This stage will be predominantly desk-based and will strive to identify the best potential areas for developments based on the data produced through the two previous stages of the work.  Various development scenarios will be evaluated in order to provide an auditable process in the determination of routes for development that represent the most sustainable strategies for meeting the renewable energy production targets for Wales, whilst maintaining internal competitiveness.



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