Sterlitech offers new ultrafiltration membranes

Laboratory products and membrane testing firm Sterlitech is offering Synder Filtration's recently developed ultrafiltration membranes

Sterlitech offers new ultrafiltration membranes

The membranes are designed for oil removal in wastewater treatment applications They can fulfil
critical process requirements where the presence of oils in industrial effluent hinder downstream
processes according to Sterlitech.

“New regulations on industrial wastewater discharge and quality requirements for water reuse
make it increasingly necessary for companies to find an efficient and cost-effective method to
separate emulsified oils from wastewater,” said Sterlitech president Mark Spatz.

The new PAN membranes have molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) of 400 kDa (PX), 100 kDa
(PY), and 30 kDa (PZ). In addition to excelling at oil removal, Synder’s PAN membranes are also
more hydrophilic and have a lower fouling propensity compared to PVDF membranes for
wastewater treatment applications.

All of Sterlitech’s flat sheet membrane varieties can be purchased in 305 mm x 305 mm or
larger sheets. In addition, they are available in precut coupons for use in the Sepa CF filtration cell,
CF042 filtration cell, and most stirred cells. Custom membrane sizes are also available.

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