Special contamination – special service (RAD/EES)

Land and buildings contaminated with explosive materials present obvious difficulties.

Special contamination – special service (RAD/EES)

These difficulties become greater and more complex when the contamination includes asbestos, hazardous chemicals and radioactive residues.  Several RPS clients operate, or are developing, such problematic sites.


To help these clients, the Explosives Engineering and Radiological Services teams at RPS are working together closely to provide a highly specialised building decommissioning and land remediation services.  The explosives team has pioneered an alternative approach to decontaminating explosively contaminated buildings – which previously were decontaminated by burning them down.  The radiological services team are similarly developing new methods of dealing with radioactive and chemically contaminated land and buildings – thereby enabling waste minimisation and encouraging the recycling of waste streams which, hitherto, would have been condemned to landfill or prohibited safe land redevelopment.


These novel yet commercially-viable approaches exceed what is currently accepted as best practice –and they are greatly appreciated by our clients.


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