Septic Tank Treatment

ECOSEPT is a 100% environmentally friendly septic tank treatment

Septic Tank Treatment

ECOSEPT is a natural biological septic tank treatment that uses a safe and effective beneficial micro-organism enzyme catalyst blend. ECOSEPT biological septic tank treatment is 100% envirnomentally friendly and is safe to use around humans and animals as it contains non hazardous natural source ingredients free of any harsh and corrosive chemicals.

Using ECOSEPT in your septic systems and grease traps will rapidly digest and eliminate solid wastes and scum layers, saving a great deal of time and money by reducing septic tank pump outs and soakaway repairs. Unlike corrosive chemicals which simply liquefy organic wastes that re-solidify further down the system and add the hazardous chemical to our environment, ECOSEPT treatment biologically digests septic tank wastes down to carbon dioxide and water, leaving no toxic or hazardous wastes.

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