RPS Submit Planning Application for Sustainable Energy Plant (WP)

The application and associated Environmental Statement was submitted by RPS' specialist waste planning team in October 2008 on behalf of Western Wood Energy LLP and will process up to 355

RPS Submit Planning Application for Sustainable Energy Plant (WP)

Western Wood Energy commissioned RPS to submit a planning application for the development of a Sustainable Energy Plant (SEP) on land at junction 38 of the M4 in Margam, Port Talbot. The plant will process up to 355,000 tonnes per annum of recycled wood sourced from the South Wales Region and will provide up to 35MW of electricity to the national grid. The development aims to contribute towards the Welsh Assembly Governments targets to divert biodegradable municipal waste from landfill whilst, at the same time contributing towards the objectives of the Governments energy review which aim to reduce reliance on electricity generated from fossil fuels. The planning application was supported by a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). RPS’ Chepstow based specialist Waste Planning Team provided full planning and project management and co-ordination services for the Sustainable Energy Plant planning application and associated EIA, working with a project team of 8 specialist consultants selected by Western Wood Energy.  Impacts assessed include, traffic, air quality, landscape and visual, ecology and nature conservation, hydrology and flooding, hydrogeology and ground conditions, noise and vibration, waste, community and social effects, archaeology and Human Health. The co-ordination role provided by RPS allowed the initial findings from the specialist assessments to be fed back to the facility designers, enabling the design proposals to be refined and adapted to incorporate appropriate mitigation measures and ensure that the construction and operation of the facility would not result in any unacceptable environmental impacts. Some important elements for analysis included; a)       A designated Air Quality Management Area lies to the north of the site.  It was therefore important to fully assess the air quality impacts of the proposal on this area to ensure and demonstrate no unacceptable impacts. b)      There are a number of ecological designations in close proximity to the site.  Following detailed ecological assessment, a number of specific mitigation measures, including a reptile translocation programme, were incorporated into the development proposals. c)       Given the proximity of residential receptors (approx 300m), early assessment of the noise impacts revealed the need to improve the acoustic containment properties of fans to ensure that noise levels at the receptors could be maintained within recognised limits. The Planning Application and associated Environmental Statement was submitted to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council in late October 2008 and consultation is due to begin in early November 2008.


Project manager: Sharon Jones

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