RPS saves client over £5 million on development of a major residential development in London (GE)

RPS' regeneration team

The works involved:

·         Re-assessment of an existing site investigation report.

·         Advice on how cost savings may be generated through the development, concentrating on waste re-classification and landfill tax exemptions.

·         Supplementary targeted investigation.

·         Waste re-classification exercise using site specific toxicology data and negotiations with landfill operators.

·         Support with the management of the materials, including pre-treatment options and re-use.

As a result of our value engineering approach we have saved the client approximately £5 million on waste management for their basement construction against their original consultants assessment.  This is a typical situation, where many consultant will only undertake the minimum work necessary to comply with the Clients brief and as a result the opportunity is missed to deliver very substantial cost savings through the scheme delivery.

In this tight development market opportunities to release this additional value though materials management and plot re-engineering will make the difference between economically viable and un-viable schemes.

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