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Biogas pioneer joins RPS

Dr. Les Gornall, Anaerobic Digestion (AD) pioneer from Northern Ireland, and winner of the 2005 ‘UK Engineering Contractor of the Year’ award has been appointed Technical Director of the AD and Decentralized Energy Team in RPS, UK’s largest Planning and Development Consultancy.


Dr. Gornall explains “While there are many urgent reasons for building biogas and biomass plants to make energy and fertilizers from wastes, in the UK a combination of confusing and conflicting regulations, poor financial incentives and planning issues have prevented implementation.   Contrast this with Germany, where this year 3,500 biogas plants are cleaning up the environment and producing energy in a biogas industry that now employs tens of thousands of people and Sweden where public transport is successfully run on biogas from landfill and agricultural wastes.”  “ Landfill issues, climate change and new technologies are now stimulating AD in the UK. My goal is to release the enormous potential of these green energy technologies in the country.”    RPS [www.rpsgroup.com] is the largest consultancy of its type in the UK with 1200 people employed in its Planning and Development Division. The consultancy is assisting private companies to process their landfill waste into electricity, build CHP and biomass projects and is also assisting Government departments to remove the legislative barriers and implement financial incentives that will stimulate AD and other ‘green’ energy and waste processing technologies in the UK.

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