ROMEMBRA® Toray RO Membrane

TORAY first began producing Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration spiral wound membrane elements in 1967

ROMEMBRA® Toray RO Membrane


  • Cross-linked fully aromatic polyamide composite membrane
  • Cross-linked polypiperazine polyamide composite membrane
  • Cellulose acetate membrane


  • High rejection TM700 series, for high salinity brackish water applications
  • Ultra low pressure TMH and TMG series for low salinity brackish water applications
  • High rejection TM800 series, for sea water applications
  • High pressure & rejection TM800H series, for high salinity sea water applications
  • Commercial & household 2″ to 4″ tap water elements

Special Features

  • Hot water sanitizable elements
  • Chlorine resistant NF elements
  • Pre-rinsed ultra pure water elements
  • Custom-made elements for various special applications


More than 30 years of production experience, thousands of high-performing RO plants throughout the world are the foundation of the excellent reputation that TORAY membrane products have.

SU / TM series: Comparison

Toray offers most of its standard 8″ elements with a new flush cut design. The anti-telescoping device (ATD) on new TM elements provides improved face-to-face contact for hydraulic loading, providing more uniform distribution of the loads.

These new flush-cut elements are fully compatible with many other elements in the industry. With its new flush-cut elements, Toray has set its sights on how internal sealing is done, thus ensuring the highest degree of integral sealing between elements within the pressure vessel.

  • Toray 4″ and 8″ TM Type
  • Toray 4″ and 8″ SU Type

Certification: ROMEMBRA® Toray RO Membrane Elements have been certified as follows:

For RO elements made by Toray Ehime Plant, Japan

  • AMST (Association of Membrane Separation Technology of Japan)

For RO elements made by Toray Membrane USA, Inc. (TMUS)

CSA CLASS 6861 08 – Mechanical Devices – NSF /ANSI 61 Section 8 -Certified to NSF / ANSI 61

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