RO compact units

Technol produces UF/RO compact units for water treatment

RO compact units

Compact units for the filtration of water. It removes bacteria, viruses, colloids and silts thereby producing high-quality drinking water.  The design of the UF unit is with a UF membrane, sand and mechanical pre-filtration. All on a compact skid, which can be easily transported to locations where the ULTRA-TECH unit is needed.

The ULTRA-TECH compact UF/RO units can be used for treating:
–    Surface water
–    Ground water
–    Waste water
–     Industrial waters


–    Pre-design systems
–    Easily expandable
–    Quick installation
–    Easy transportation

The components of the treatment plant:
–    Capacity: 2,5 – 10,0 m3/h
–    UF membrane, from PESM material, pore size ~0,02m;
–    RO membranes;
–    Pump with frequency regulator – filtration;
–    Pump with frequency regulator – backwash;
–    Sand filter;
–    Screen filter 200m;
–    Pneumatic valves with limit switches;
–    Pressure sensors, flow meter, pressure gauges;
–    Dosing pumps for chemicals;
–    Tank filtered water for washing UF membrane;
–    Control panel with microprocessor-controlled PLC system for automatic management, touch screen display showing operating parameters as pressure, flow rate, time filtration and backwash, position of each valves, alarm for faults, history…;

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