Revolutionizing the Recovery of Brackish RO

The webinar will cover one of the greatest challenges currently facing the water treatment sector – brine management.

A unique webinar focusing on the latest brine management technologies.
Join us for a review of IDE’s MAXH2O brine management technologies and learn about:

• Brine volume minimization and ZLD technologies
• Our latest results demonstrating breakthroughs in minimizing the brine volume in BWRO plants.
• Our latest technologies for minimizing brine discharge (a new technology that significantly increases recovery of common BWRO systems, cooling tower blowdown treatment systems and acid mine drainage treatment systems).

The webinar will be conducted in Spanish.


Mr. Rodrigo Felipe Turra Molina

Mr. Rodrigo Felipe Turra Molina, Country Sales Director of IDE Chile. Mr. Molina has more than 20 years of experience in design, commission, operation and maintenance of technological solutions related to water use in more than 80 industrial facilities.
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