Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners – RoClean

Broad spectrum cleaners and formulations for specific foulants. Available in liquids and powders

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners – RoClean

Avista Technologies provide a wide range of specially formulated cleaners to tackle all common membrane foulants.  These foulants include metals, inorganic scales, silt, organics and biological material.  The table below summarises the application of each product. 

All products are applied as dilute solutions made up with permeate or good quality potable water.  All products are readily mixed / dissolved for use.  The solutions are optimally applied heated to the maximum temperature and re-circulation rate specified by the membrane type.

Avista Technologies technical staff are always available to advise on product choice for each application.  Cleaning trials can also be carried out in our off-site ‘OSCAR’ facilities or on our cell test equipment to demonstrate effectiveness prior to application on site.  This can be helpful in determining whether a broad-spectrum cleaner or targeted cleaner is most effective in removing the foulant on the membrane.


Product Approvals

For drinking water applications many of the products have received approvals from the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 and from the Secretary of State (in the UK).  Please contact Avista for an up to date list of products which can be applied to drinking water systems.

To facilitate effluent discharge a number of variations on the products are available for installations where EDTA or phosphate cannot be discharged.

NOTE – Avista Advisor 3 has just been released and now allows users to calculate ALL formulated chemical requirements for RO systems.  You can now calculate antiscalant, biocide, coagulant and cleaner requirements and summarise plant chemical consumption.

Please contact Avista Technologies to receive your copy of the software.  (

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